Q. Do I actually get what I paid for?

A. Yep, as long as you arrive 10 minutes before your appointment time you will get the full amount of what you paid for. You see the franchises with the word LUXE or ENVY actually will cut you short every time and therefore are cheating you the full amount. Don't believe me, check out the online reviews, plus I used to work for one of these franchises. We had to cut your time by 7 -10 minutes each session. So they advertise a 1 hour massage for $38 or $39 but you dont get a 1 hour hands on massage session because the next appointment after you starts at 7 and your appointment was 6, and they usually start on time but will cut you short everytime. Here at  STL Massage, we give you your full measure. Thats called earning your business and being honest about it. Remember you must arrive 10 minutes before your start time to get the full minutes paid for.

Q. How do I tip, if i want to tip?

A. Therapist take cash only because we dont have a credit card processing machine.

Q. Will my massage be with a male or female therapist, or can I specify?


Q. I am running late, got in a car accident, or simply forgot..now what happens?

A. Unfortunately bad things happens sometimes to all of us. This business model is set up where all second confirmations must be made by 11pm the previous day  or you risk forfeit of your appointment. The voucher will be marked redeemed if you initial confirmed an appointment and did not call or show up for the appointment you confirmed.

Q. My voucher expired and I am calling you AFTER the expiration date, do I still get to use the voucher?

A. Yes but only towards the ORIGINAL price of the ORIGINAL service of what the voucher is for, which means you pay the difference between the ORIGINAL price of the massage and the price you paid for the GroupOn.

Q. I contacted you BEFORE my voucher expired but my appointment time is AFTER the expiration date, can I still use my voucher?

A. Absolutely without penalty...in other words, regardless of your appointment day or time as long as you contacted me prior to the expiration date you are fine and the voucher is still good.

Q. I never been to Clayton before what is the parking situation like?

A. Good question, monday - friday is meter parking from 8am - 5pm. The cost is 1 quarter per 10 minutes... There is parking in the street and a parking lot next to the building. Otherwise, parking is free after 5pm and on Saturdays and Sundays.

Q. Where exactly are you in Clayton?

A. I am located near the intersection of Forsyth and Central Avenue..on the second floor...above World News...next to MOTHER'S FISH. Simply click on the location tab and look at the map.

Q. I arrived but unsure where to enter

A. For Clayton, enter through the double glass doors, up the wide set of stairs...22 STEPS to be exact

Q. What do I wear?

A. Anything you want, once in the massage room everything would need to come off anyways, for the exception of the underpants which you can leave on, only if you want to.

Q. Can I have make up on?

A. The least amount of makeup, the better as it will smear on the face cradle as well on your facial area. This includes lipstick

Q. I have cuts or wounds, should I cover them?

A. YES, cover all wounds and cuts with band-aids as our therapist will avoid the entire area if discovered or they will stop the massage in order for your to address the issue.

Q. Can I purchase a massage book with a credit card?

A. Yes you can, but Ken takes cares of those transactions and there will be $2 added per massage for the processing fee.

Q. I have poison Ivy or something contagious, should I reschedule?

A. YES, we would need to reschedule


Frequently Asked Questions

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