Stl Massage LLC

  People assume that time is a strict progression of  cause to effect, but "actually" from a non - linear, non  subjective's more like a big ball of wibbly wobbly, timey wimey stuff.       

                                                               The 10th Doctor 


1. Email : (MASSEUR2001@HOTMAIL.COM) with the following information

Your name:

​Purchasers name:

Cell Phone number: 

Couples or individual massage?

​If individual, for which location?

​(all couples are done in Clayton)

​ALL individual massages are done by Ken (male therapist)

​(all couples are with one male / one female therapist)

Several choices of days and time frames

Do you have a voucher or gift certificate?

Where is the voucher from?


How many minutes purchased?


Credit CardS will be charged the Groupon Price that Stl Massage contracted for in the event you violate the cancellation policy of 4 hours and or do not show up for your appointment. GROUPon no longer wants us to redeem your Groupon voucher but instead charge your credit card.

No one can be scheduled without this information. If you are uncomfortable emailing your credit card information then please contact GroupOn and request a refund as we have to do all scheduling via email and not phone calls or text.

credit card number:

expiration date:

3 digit security code on the back

​billing zip code

​2. After you have been scheduled and confirmed

     Contact me by 11pm (night before your appointment) for the final confirmation. This is a final step needed from you as I do not take credit card information to hold any appointments.

     In the past, there has been some forgetful clients and I need to make sure we are all on the same page especially the couples massages. 

     If I do not hear from you by 11pm the night before, you risk loosing your appointment to someone else on our wait list. The clients on the wait list are waiting for someone to cancel, reschedule, or not do final confirmation so they can take your place. Usually averages about four clients per day on this list, more on Saturdays.

 To do the final confirmation, simply

  email MASSEUR2001@HOTMAIL.COM or TEXT ME AT                                 314-575-1212 anytime 24/7 by stating:

Your Name

Individual or Couples massage

Appointment day/ time/ location

Final confirmation.


There is a 4 hour cancellation policy in effect, so please contact me if you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment. Otherwise the credit card will be charged. 

If you arrive late, understand we still have to end on time as there are other appointments after you or the therapist has other obligations after your appointment.