Stl Massage LLC

                                    ........BEN PARKER

  1. We cannot except expired vouchers. However, we can apply that same voucher towards the regular price of the massage, and the client would just pay the difference. If you contacted the company before the expiration of the voucher then your ok, even if the massage is scheduled after the expiration date.


2. Please arrive on time, otherwise your time will be shortened as we have to end on time to change the room over for the next client. With old man winter here OR summer traffic and construction, please give yourself enough time for traffic and weather conditions. There is a 7 minute Health form to fill out so arriving 10 minutes before your start time would be great.
3. Cancellation Policy: There will be a $20.00 cash charge per therapist reserved for your appointment If you need to reschedule and you're inside the 12 hour cancellation policy. All payments for massages are cash only. However, If Ken is available he can process a credit card but there will be a 5% charge for the processing of said credit card. Gratuity for the massage therapist are on a cash basis only. ATM'S are located below our establishment as well as in the surrounding bank lobbies (Us Bank, Commerce, PNC, Sterling Bank, Lindell Bank, and Bank of America). Also, from time to time we Network with other companies and sometimes that would mean using their equipment or machines if we do send back these machines to that third-party company and those machines are then return back to us that third-party company will be charged a storage fee equivalent to the charges that the shipping company charged STL massage and/or their owners for the original shipment. After 60 days of non pick up said equipment will continue to a crew charges up to the owners discretion until third-party company can make success for arrangements to pick up equipment on their own expense
4: Unless its for a special event or surprise, all appointments must be scheduled by the client who is to receive the service themselves. There has been issues in the past where a communication breakdown has occured between husband and wife (why am I not surprised) or couples in general. The result is either a no show or the person shows up a week early or a week late. Communicating directly with me will help eliminate any confusion.
5. All prenatals must be revealed at time of scheduling, failure to reveal that during scheduling can result in a forefeit of your voucher as the therapist are paid for showing up for your massage and not all therapist do prenatals. If you need to reschedule the $20 per therapist rescheduling fee will be applied as the company had to pay that therapist for showing up for your session.
6. All no calls and no shows will be charged accordingly or vouchers and gift certificates will be marked redeemed. Remember, you must contact me by 1pm the night before your scheduled appointment for final-confirm. This could be done by text, email, or phone. For example, simply state name, time of appointment, and the word final confirm.
7.  If you cannot make it to your appointment due to bad weather conditions then just contact me to reschedule. I rather see my clients being safe then driving in bad conditions.
8. Remember a massage therapist has the right to refuse service to any client for the simple reason he or she feels uncomfortable with that client. So please don't arrive intoxicated, don't make lewd comments or gestures, etc. If you are refused service due to your behavior, you will forfeit your voucher and/ or you will be charged accordingly.​ Depending on how extreme the inappropriate behavior is, Police may get contacted as there headquarters are across the street.